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»The present moment has nothing to do with me personally«

Die letzte Rede des ägyptischen Ex-Präsidenten Hosni Mubaraks, 10.2.2011

In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate …dear fellow Citizens, I am addressing you tonight the youth of Egypt at Tahrir Square and people across Egypt…

I am addressing all of you from the heart, a speech from the father to his sons and daughters… I am telling you I am proud of you as a symbol of a new Egyptian generation that is calling for change to the better, sticking to it, dreaming for a better future and is making it. I am telling to you all that the blood of the martyrs and wounded people will not be lost in vain, and I confirm that I will resolutely and firmly hold perpetrators who acted fiercely against our young people with the maximum penalties stated in the law.I am telling to the families of innocent victims: I have suffered all the pain for them as you have suffered, and hurt my heart as it hurt yours. I am telling tell you that my response to your voice, your demands and your commitment is not irreversible, and I have every intention to fulfill my commitments in all seriousness and honesty, and keen to implement it without hesitation and without going back to the past.

This commitment stems from a certain belief, sincerity and purity of your intentions and movements which are just and legitimate demands… regimes could commit mistakes in any any country, but the important thing is to recognise and correct them as soon as possible and to hold accountable the perpetrators. I am telling tell you, in my capacity as am president of the republic, that I never find it embarrassing to listen and respond to my country’s youths, but it is shameful and I will never accept is to listen to foreign dictations , whatever their sources, pretexts or justifications were. My sons, the youth of Egypt, fellow citizens...I have made it clearly that I would not run for the next presidential elections, as I am satisfied with more than 60 years serving the homeland during wartimes and peacetimes… I announced my adherence to this, and announced at the same time and at the same degree my commitment to shoulder my responsibility to protect the constitution and safeguard the interests of the people until handing over power and responsibility to those chosen by voters next September, in a free and fair elections that will provide them guarantees of freedom and integrity...

This is the oath I have taken before Allah and the homeland, and will keep it until we take Egypt and its people to safety and security. I have proposed specific vision to get out of the current crisis, and to achieve what youth and citizens have called for in a way that respects the constitutional legality and does not undermined it, and in a way that achieves stability for our society and demands of its citizens, and promotes at the same time an agreed upon framework for a peaceful transition of power through responsible dialogue between all forces of society in the maximum degree of honesty and transparency. I put forward this vision as I'm adhering to my responsibility to the homeland during these hard times and will keep on achieving it, looking forward to the support of all those concerned about Egypt and its people to get ahead with turning it into a tangible reality, through a broad-based national consensus and that our valiant armed forces will ensure its implementation.

We have already begun a national and constructive dialogue that included Egyptian youths and all political forces who led the call for change… the dialogue has come up with preliminary consensus and positions to pave the way for the beginning of a right path out of the crisis.. We will continue it (dialogue) to move forward to what has been agreed upon, to reach a clear roadmap, a specific timeline and a peaceful transition of power from now until next September.The national dialogue has agreed on the formation of a constitutional commission that will study the required amendments … it (dialogue) has also come up with the formation a follow-up committee to fairly implement what I have pledged the people to do. I have been keen that the formation of both committees includes Egyptian personalities known for their independence and impartiality, and scholars of constitutional law and the judiciary. Furthermore, I am after the martyrs from Egypt’s sons we have lost during the tragic and sad events that hurt our hearts and rocked the conscience of the nation… I have ordered immediate investigations into last week’s events, and refer results immediately to the Attorney General to take the necessary deterrent legal action. Yesterday I received the first report on the primary constitutional amendments proposed by the committee that is composed of judiciary experts and legal scholars to study the constitutional and legislative amendments.

In response to proposals set by the committee, and in line with powers granted to the president of the republic as per Article 189 of the constitution, I submitted a request today to amend six articles of the constitution which are article 76, 77, 88, 93 and 189, as well as the annulment of article 179, with confirmation of readiness to advance in later request to amend articles which the constitutional commission suggest after considering reasons and justifications. The primordial amendments aim to facilitate conditions for nomination for the presidency, adoption of specific terms for presidency to achieve transition of power and to strengthen conditions of monitoring elections to ensure it will be free and fair. The amendments also confirm the competence of the judiciary to decide the validity and membership of members of the parliament, and to amend terms and procedures for requesting amendment of the constitution. The proposal to abolish Article 179 of the constitution is designed to achieve the required balance between protecting the country from the dangers of terrorism and ensuring respect of civil rights and freedoms of citizens, including opening the door to annul emergency law as soon as we restore calm and stability when conditions for lifting of the state of emergency are attainable.

Fellow citizens…the priority now is to restore confidence among the Egyptians…confidence in our economy and our international reputation… confidence in the change and transformation we have started and which is irreversible. Egypt is undergoing difficult times that it is not right to allow them continue as they would increasingly damage and inflict losses to our economy…. They (hard times) would lead Egypt to a situation youth, who called for change and reform, will be the first ones to be affected.

The present moment has nothhing to do with me personally, with Hosni Mubarak, but with a situation of Egypt in its present and the future of its sons. All Egyptians are in now the same trench, and we must continue national dialogue that we have begun with the spirit of the one team and not as as opponents, and away from controversy and conflict so Egypt could overcome its current crisis, and to restore confidence to our economy, trust and security to our people and daily normal life to the Egyptian street. I was a young man like today’s Egyptian youth when I learned the Egyptian military ethics, loyalty to the homeland and how to sacrifice for it … I have spent my life in defence for its land and sovereignty… I have witnessed wars with their defeats and victories… I lived days of defeat and occupation and days of victory and liberation … The happiest days of my life were when I raised the flag of Egypt over the Sinai… I faced death many times as a pilot in Addis Ababa and many more…

I have never been subjected to foreign pressure or dictations… I have maintained peace, worked for Egypt's security and stability, worked hard for its boom… I never seek power or fake popularity… I am confident that the overwhelming majority of people knew who Hosni Mubarak is, and it hurts me what I am experiencing today by some of my fellow citizens. In any case, as I am now fully aware of the seriousness of the current difficult junction, and based on my belief that Egypt is undergoing a defining moment in its history that requires us to look at the best interest of the homeland, and puts Egypt first above any other consideration and every other consideration, I've delegated my powers to the vice president as stated in the constitution.

I am sure Egypt will overcome its crisis and that its people will never be defeated... it will stand on its feet again through sincerity and faithfulness of all its sons, and it will face plotters. We, the Egyptians, will prove we could achieve the Egyptian people's demands through a civilised dialogue and consent... we will prove that we are not followers of any one and that we do not take instructions from any one, and that no one makes decisions on our behalf but the people in the street and demands of sons of the homeland. We will prove that with the spirit and intention of Egyptians, and with the unity and cohesion of the people, and commitment with Egypt's self-esteem, dignity, unique and eternal identity as it is the foundation and essence of our existence for more than 7000 years. This spirit will live in us as long as Egypt and its people live …this spirit will live in us as long as our farmers, workers and intellectuals remain in the hearts of our elders, our youth and our children, Muslims and Christians, and in the minds and consciences of unborn children.

I am telling you again that I have lived for this country embracing its responsibility and its faithfulness… Egypt will remain above persons and above everyone.