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»Das Atom-Abkommen entfesselte einen gefährlichen iranischen Tiger«

Rede des israelischen Premierministers Benjamin Netanyahu auf der Münchener Sicherheitskonferenz, 18.2.2018 (engl. Originalfassung)

(…) Due to this conference, over the past four decades, Mr. Chairman, Munich has become synonymous with security. That's important, because, as I said last night, without security, nothing is really possible—not freedom, not prosperity, not the peace we cherish and crave.
(…) 80 years ago, another event took place here, with far ranging consequences. A disastrous agreement was signed here that set the world on a course towards history's most horrific war. Two decades after World War I, two decades after a war that claimed 60 million lives, the leaders who met in Munich chose to appease Hitler's regime rather than confront it. Those leaders were noble men. They thought they were fulfilling their highest responsibility to keep the peace. But the price of their action would soon become apparent. (…)
Just as was true 80 years ago, an agreement that was seen as appeasement has only emboldened the regime and brought war closer. The nuclear agreement with Iran has begun the countdown to an Iranian nuclear arsenal in little more than a decade. And the sanction relief that the deal provided has not moderated Iran. It's not made them more moderate internally and it’s not made them more moderate externally. In fact, it’s unleashed a dangerous Iranian tiger in our region and beyond.

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