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»Mehr als 10.000 Zivilisten wurden 2017 in Afghanistan verletzt oder getötet«

Jahresbericht der UNAMA, 15.2.2018 (engl. Originalfassung)

More  than  10,000  civilians  lost  their  lives  or  suffered  injuries during 2017, according to the latest annual UN report documenting the impact of the armed conflict on civilians in Afghanistan.

A  total  of  10,453  civilian  casualties - 3,438  people  killed  and  7,015  injured - were documented  in  the  2017  Annual  Report  released  today  by  the  UN  Assistance  Mission  in Afghanistan  (UNAMA)  and  the  UN  Human  Rights  Office.  Although  this  figure  represents  a decrease  of  nine  per  cent  compared  with  2016,  the  report  highlights  the  high  number  of casualties  caused  by  suicide  bombings  and  other  attacks  using  improvised  explosive devices (IEDs). 

“The chilling statistics in this report provide credible data about the war’s impact, but the figures  alone cannot  capture  the  appalling  human  suffering  inflicted  on  ordinary  people, especially women and children,” said Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Secretary General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan.

Yamamoto,  who  also  heads  UNAMA,  expressed  deep  concern  at  the  increased  harm  to civilians  caused  by  suicide  attacks.  “I  am  particularly  appalled  by  the  continued indiscriminate and unlawful use of IEDs such as suicide bombs and pressure-plate devices in civilian populated areas. This is shameful,” he said.

The second leading cause of civilian casualties in 2017 was ground engagements between anti-government elements and pro-government forces, although there was a decrease of 19 per cent from the record levels seen in 2016.

The  report  attributes  close  to  two-thirds  of  all  casualties  (65per  cent)  to  anti-government elements:  42  per  cent  to  the  Taliban,  10  per  cent  to Daesh/Islamic  State  Khorasan Province (ISIL-KP), and 13 per cent to undetermined and other anti-government elements. 

Pro-Government  Forces  caused  a  fifth  of  civilian  casualties:  16  per  cent  were  attributed  to the Afghan national security forces, two per cent to international military forces, one per cent each   to   pro-Government   armed   groups   and   undetermined   pro-Government   forces.
Unattributed cross-fire during ground engagements between anti-government elements and pro-government forces caused 11 per cent of civilian casualties.

Women   and   children   remained   heavily   affected   by   conflict-related   violence.   UNAMA documented that, in 2017, 359 women were killed - a rise of five per cent - and 865 injured. Child  casualties - 861  killed  and  2,318  injured - decreased  by  10  per  cent  compared  with 2016.

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