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»41 Prozent des globalen Kohlestroms ist unwirtschaftlich«

Bericht von Carbon Tracker, 8.4.2020 (engl. Originalfassung)

In Political Decisions, Economic Realities we find nearly half of the global coal fleet could be cashflow negative in 2020 on an underlying basis, with new building concentrating in regions where generators are subsidised either directly or indirectly to maintain their financial viability.

Independent of COVID-19, our outlook for 2020 is shaped almost exclusively by developments in China.

While we believe COVID-19 will not fundamentally change the operating cashflows of coal power in the longer term, the economic downturn caused by the outbreak risks loosening the planning process and environmental regulations for coal power investments in China.

As a result, China and other nations could be burdened with uneconomic and climate unfriendly coal power for decades if they build new capacity to stimulate their economies in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, a move China appears to be already considering.

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