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»China zweitgrößter Waffenproduzent weltweit«

Paper des Friedensforschungsinstituts SIPRI, 27.1.2020 (engl. Originalfassung)

China has invested considerably in the modernization of its arms industry since the 1960s, particularly since 1999. One aim of this has been to become self-reliant in the production of advanced weapons and technologies for its armed forces. The rise in Chinese arms exports and the increased variety of the types of weapon exported suggest that the country’s state-owned arms industry is already at the forefront of many production sectors.

Between the  five-year periods 1999-2003 and 2014-18, China’s imports of major arms fell by 50 per cent while its exports rose by 208 per cent, and China rose to become the fifth-largest supplier of major conventional weapons in the world. This supports the notion that the Chinese arms industry is growing. It indicates not only that China is becoming less dependent on imports of foreign weapons and military technology but also that its industry has developed to a point where there is an increased demand for its weapons overseas.

Overall, the estimates provide quantitative evidence that the Chinese arms industry is among the largest national arms industries in the world. Based on arms sales, all four companies profiled would be ranked among the 20 largest arms companies globally, with three - AVIC, NORINCO and CETC - in the top 10. The arms sales of just these four Chinese companies indicate that China is the second-largest arms producer in the world, behind the USA and ahead of Russia.


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