»Die EU und ihre Mitgliedstaaten werden ihre Unterstützung für einen friedlichen Übergang in Südsudan fortführen«

Erklärung der Europäischen Union und ihrer Mitgliedstaaten zur Unabhängigkeit der Republik Südsudan, 9.7.2011

The European Union (EU) and its Member States warmly congratulate the people of South
Sudan on their independence.
The EU has consistently supported the implementation of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace
Agreement, culminating in the Referendum on self-determination for South Sudan. The
Referendum was conducted peacefully and credibly and its outcome was a true reflection
of the democratically expressed wishes of the people of South Sudan. On this historic day,
the EU and its Member States welcome the Republic of South Sudan as a new independent
The world’s newest state will require international support to establish itself as a secure,
peaceful and prosperous country, able to meet the needs and expectations of its people. The
EU and its Member States have been working to support the development of South Sudan
since 2005 and look forward to further developing a close and long-term partnership with
the Republic of South Sudan and its people.
The EU and its Member States will continue to support a peaceful transition in South
Sudan. As the Republic of South Sudan comes into being, we express the hope that South
Sudan’s leaders will take full advantage of the unique opportunity they have before them.
The EU and its Member States encourage South Sudan's leaders to embrace pluralism and
diversity and lay the foundation for a democratic, fair and inclusive society, based on the
rule of law and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
The EU commends the Government of Sudan on its decision to recognise the new
Republic of South Sudan with immediate effect.
The EU and its Member States take this opportunity to reiterate their support for the
development of peaceful, good neighbourly relations between Sudan and South Sudan.
The EU commends the UN, AU and IGAD for their support to the peace process in Sudan.
The EU is ready to play its part in underpinning the development of two viable states and
the key post-CPA arrangements that will sustain the North-South relationship in the longterm.

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