»Die russische Regierung muss die über 770 friedlichen Demonstranten und Oppositionskandidaten sofort freilassen«

Aufruf von Amnesty International, 27.7.2019 (engl. Originalversion)

Reacting to incidents of excessive use of force by Moscow police against protesters during today’s largely peaceful rally in support of free elections, Amnesty International called for the immediate release of opposition leaders and peaceful protesters.

On 27 July, more than 770 people were detained during protest rallies banned by Moscow city authorities, with the number of detentions increasing as of 8 pm Moscow time. Thousands of people took to the streets demanding the registration of opposition candidates barred from running to Moscow City Parliament in September.

Most of the candidates who called for the protest were detained preventively, including, among others, Ilya Yashin, the head of Krasnoselsky municipal district of Moscow (detained after interrogation and searches at his home the previous night), Dmitry Gudkov, former State Duma member (detained while driving to Moscow from his country house), and municipal deputy Yulia Galiamina, detained when she left her friend’s house where she was in hiding.

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