»Durch die Coronakrise werden mehr als 9 Millionen Syrer in die Armut gedrängt«

Bericht des Internationalen Komitees des Roten Kreuzes, 29.6.2020 (engl. Originalfassung)

With the conflict in its tenth year, Syria is facing the global COVID-19 pandemic with scarce resources while simultaneously experiencing a dramatic deterioration in the economic situation. For more than 9 million Syrians who are food insecure, a steep increase in prices has resulted in a further push towards poverty and aid dependence. Countless families have been affected either by the loss of jobs or huge reductions in their sources of income.

Hostilities in the north-west earlier in the year have led to large numbers of casualties, massive displacement of population, and the damage of essential infrastructure including health centres. Millions of people are already displaced across the country living in camps, makeshift buildings, and partially destroyed homes. Recent hostilities in southern Idleb and in northern Hama led to renewed displacement.

The north-east continues to host more than 100,000 displaced people who fled areas affected by hostilities, in addition to long-term refugees from Iraq and stranded foreign women and children. Living conditions in the camps where two-thirds of the population are children remain very difficult.

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