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»Ein Drittel der Erde sollte unter Naturschutz stehen, um den Klimawandel aufzuhalten«

Entwurf eines globalen Biodiversitätsvertrags (engl. Orginalfassung), 6.1.2020

Biodiversity, and the benefits it provides, is fundamental to human well-being and a healthy planet. Despite ongoing efforts, biodiversity is deteriorating worldwide and this decline is projected to continue or worsen under business-as-usual scenarios. The post-2020 global biodiversity framework10builds on the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and sets out an ambitious plan to implement broad-based action to bring about a transformation in society’s relationship with biodiversity and to ensure that, by 2050, the shared vision of living in harmony with nature is fulfilled.

The Framework has 20 action-oriented targets for 2030 which, if achieved, will contribute to the outcome-oriented goals for 2030 and 2050. Actions to reach these targets should be implemented consistently and in harmony with the Convention on Biological Diversity and other relevant international obligations, taking into account national socioeconomic conditions.

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