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»Fast die Hälfte aller Menschen weltweit hat keinen Zugang zum Internet«

Mitteilung der World Wide Web Foundation, 17.4.2020 (engl. Originalfassung)

Imagine how much greater this challenge would be if this pandemic struck 15 years ago, before we had access to fast broadband, smart devices and a stack of online services ready to help us navigate life from our living rooms.

Imagine then, what it’s like for almost half of the global population who still have no internet access. They don’t have critical health advice at their fingertips. They can’t check in with friends and family by video call. Online working and learning from home is not an option.

Most of those offline live in low and middle-income countries. Women, the elderly and people in rural areas too are disproportionately without internet access. Compounding the connectivity gap, people in poorer countries are also less likely to have access to resources needed to protect themselves, like a safe place to isolate, a strong healthcare system and the financial safety-net to be able to forgo work if necessary.

Die vollständige Mitteilung finden Sie hier.