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»George Floyds Geschichte ist seit 400 Jahren die Geschichte der Schwarzen Amerikaner«

Trauerrede von Reverend Al Sharpton, 4.6.2020 (engl. Originalfassung)

I want us to not sit here and act like we had a funeral on the schedule. George Floyd should not be among the deceased. He did not die of common health conditions. He died of a common American criminal justice malfunction. He died because of there has not been the corrective behavior that has taught this country that if you commit a crime, it does not matter whether you wear blue jeans or a blue uniform, you must pay for the crime you commit.

So it is not a normal funeral. It is not a normal circumstance but it’s too common and we need to deal with it. Let me ask those of you that in the traditions of eulogies need a scriptural reference, go to Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, To everything there is a time and a purpose and season under the heavens.

I’m going to leave it there. I saw somebody standing in front of a church the other day that had been bought it up as a result of violence. Held the Bible in his hand. I’ve been preaching since I was a little boy. I’d never seen anyone hold a Bible like that, but I’ll leave that alone. But since he held the Bible, if he’s watching us today, I would like him to open that Bible and I’d like him to read Ecclesiastes 3, to every season there’s a time and a purpose. I think that it is our job to let the world know when we see what is going on in the streets of this country and in Europe, around the world, that you need to know what time it is.

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