»In Venezuela kommt es zu Folter und willkürlichen Verhaftungen«

Bericht der Vereinten Nationen, 5.7.2019 (engl. Originalfassung)

"In March, my staff conducted a technical visit to the Venezuela. Additionally, I was able to visit Caracas two weeks ago – the first official mission by a High Commissioner for Human Rights. Let me begin this update on a positive note. I am hopeful that the access which I was granted – together with the authorities’ subsequent acceptance of a continuing presence of two human rights officers to conduct monitoring, and commence providing technical assistance and advice – signify the beginning of positive engagement on the country's many human rights issues.

However, as our report makes clear, essential institutions and the rule of law in Venezuela have been profoundly eroded. The exercise of freedom of opinion, expression, association and assembly, and the right to participate in public life, entail a risk of reprisals and repression. Our report notes attacks against actual or perceived opponents and human rights defenders, ranging from threats and smear campaigns to arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment, sexual violence, and killings and enforced disappearance.

Excessive and lethal force has repeatedly been used against protestors. My Office has also documented excessive use of force in the context of security operations by the Special Action Forces, with multiple killings, mainly of young men. Many may constitute extrajudicial killings, and should be fully investigated, with accountability of perpetrators, and guarantees of non-recurrence." (Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner For Human Rights, 5.7.2019) 

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