»Weltweit gibt es fast drei Mal so viele Maserninfektionen wie vor einem Jahr«

Bericht der Weltgesundheitsorganisation, 12.8.2019 (engl. Originalversion)

Measles outbreaks continue to spread rapidly around the world, according to the latest preliminary reports provided to the World Health Organization (WHO), with millions of people globally at risk of the disease.

In the first six months of 2019, reported measles cases are the highest they have been in any year since 2006, with outbreaks straining health care systems, and leading to serious illness, disability, and deaths in many parts of the world. There have been almost three times as many cases reported to date in 2019 as there were at this same time last year.

This follows successive yearly increases since 2016, indicating a concerning and continuing upsurge in the overall measles burden worldwide.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar and Ukraine have reported the highest numbers of cases this year. However, cases have dramatically decreased in Madagascar in the past several months as a result of nationwide emergency measles vaccine campaigns, highlighting how effective vaccination is in ending outbreaks and protecting health. 

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