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»Weltweit wird jede dritte Frau Opfer genderbasierter Gewalt«

Studie der Internationalen Union zur Bewahrung der Natur IUCN, (engl. Originalfassung), 29.1.2020

Around the world, it is estimated that one in three women and girls will experience gender-based violence (GBV) during her lifetime. Rooted in discriminatory gender norms and laws and shrouded in impunity, GBV occurs in all societies as a means of control, subjugation and exploitation that further reinforces gender inequality.

This publication establishes that these patterns of gender-based abuse are observed across environmental contexts, affecting the security and well-being of nations, communities and individuals, and jeopardising meeting sustainable development goals (SDGs). While linkages between GBV and environmental issues are complex and multi-layered, these threats to human rights and healthy ecosystems are not insurmountable.

Research findings demonstrate that ending GBV, promoting gender equality and protecting the environment can be positively linked in ways that contribute to securing a safe, sustainable and equitable future.


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